For Reviewers

A reviewer is a person who professionally makes changes or reviews any document if necessary. That can either be the article, journal or any other publication work. 

Reviewer’s role is to evaluate the articles, research papers, short notes, original papers or any other publications with regard to the journal. The reviewers can recommend the editor regarding the approval of the journal whether to accept it or not? Also the reviewer can give the feedback & suggests for the modifications that are required for the journal. 

A reviewer strives for quality and productivity. A review team is highly efficient & it includes the below professionals working together as a team

  • A moderator / review leader leads the review process 

  • An author who works efficiently for the document review and its quality 

  • A Scribe strives for the improvisation of the feedback & helps in resolving the errors. In few scenarios, an author might take up the dual role of the scribe and start multitasking. 

  • A Manager decides the review execution and the time line management for the scheduled tasks

A reviewer approach might vary widely with respect to the reader, editor & the author

Reviewer approach towards reader 

A reviewer must ensure the articles are properly cited & must be in a readable format. A reviewer can easily frame the content and are capable of replicating the work

Reviewer approach towards editor 

A reviewer can refrain from something. A reviewer have rights to criticize the work & can add the additional work if required 

Reviewer approach towards author 

A reviewer can provide feedback regarding any journal. A reviewer can rate the work efficiency of the individual who works for the content. A reviewing work must be kept confidential. A reviewer must maintain few ethical responsibilities such as maintaining the confidentiality of the content written or the content which is subjected to the peer review process. A reviewer must maintain competence while working with the editorial team. A reviewer must maintain impartiality & integrity while working on the professional basis, and shouldn't discriminate against any one based upon the professional work. Also, one must sign the disclosure forms to avoid the conflicts of interest. Also, the reviewer must be punctual & must maintain the time lines without breaching of the dead lines