Research on Bioengineering and Biomedical science

Research on Bioengineering and Biomedical science is an open access journal. Our journal invites and encourages the hand written and the online manuscripts from the eminent scholars of the diversified backgrounds. Ours is a global platform which encourages the highly talented professionals, researchers, eminent scholars and the enthusiasts mainly students.

Our journal publishes work related to biomedical engineering applications, the latest discoveries and the applications of bionics, genetic engineering advancements, relevance of biomedical engineering, environmental engineering effects in today’s world, biomedical ethics topics, biomedical science topics like role of biomechanics in the health care sector, biomedical instrumentation, neuroprosthetics management, biomedical engineering topics, biomedical research topics, topics of regenerative medicine, antibiotic and the vaccine resistance, biomedical nanotechnology topics etc. In bioengineering, there is a blending of medical and the engineering fields and the work deals with the 3D printing of biomaterials, genetic engineering, cybernetic medical devices, robotic biomechanics and the neural engineering technology etc.

Our journal maintains the rich standards of publication and our work is peer reviewed by a professional team. Our journal invites and encourages manuscripts either online or handwritten, original papers, peer reviewed articles, manuscripts, posters, poster presentations, technical reports, short communications etc from the  budding researchers and scholars who wish to develop a new insight in the field of biomedical and bioengineering science.

Our journal Biomedical and bioengineering science provides a wide range of knowledge regarding the applications of biomechanics, chemical engineering etc. The products developed from bioengineering includes administration of prosthetic limbs, dealing with its surgeries and medications in hospital. Bioengineering also contributed and played a major role in the biomedical field.

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