Privacy Policy

We believe that POAJ provides the best privacy policy services with regard to the journal publication. We abide by the policies of the data management, regulatory controls and the legislative requirements.

We ensure that the content which is available in our website is termed as highly confidential. We maintain strict rules and regulations and abide by all sorts of privacy policies.

The discovery of the open access journals would be of great research and of increasing importance. Our journals are of increasing importance and we possess liberal self-archiving policy. The authors have their own access to self-archive the accepted manuscript after the first online publication. We believe in preserving the research works and the scientific content for our future generations. Also, we believe the researchers can share the content easily respecting the licensing and the copyright terms.

We believe that subscription access remains relevant and provides the best sustainable and wide access to the journals with a significant editorial investment and then attains the broader aspect for the subscription of the journals in the near future.