Terms And Conditions

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The terms and conditions are just the outlines for the usage of the POAJ, which is located at poaj.org.

  • The content published in this website is protected by the intellectual property laws. The unauthorized usage of the content without any intimation may come under the copyright act, trade mark or the other laws. One who violates these laws is strictly punishable.
  • The usage of this website is strictly banned for illegal purposes.
  • The article processing fees or the manuscript fees are strictly chargeable and cannot be refunded in any case.
  • The Manuscript submission process is strictly followed along with the peer-review process and one cannot plagiarize, distribute or publish the work without any authorization.
  • Our journal invites and encourages novel contributions from eminent professionals and scholars in the professional format. We don’t accept any plagiarized works.
  • We strictly abide by the company's rules and regulations with respect to the peer review process and the plagiarism issues. We don’t entertain any third parties discussion with respect to the publishing services. We request the clients or the authors to contact us directly with regard to the publishing issues.
  • All the intellectual property rights in the POAJ are reserved and one cannot access this POAJ for their own personal use.
  • One must not publish, reproduce and sell or re-distribute the content from the POAJ
  • We also don’t provide any fee waivers in the article processing fee or the manuscript submission fee.
  • We accept the advice with regard to the website improvement and try to implement those if applicable.
  • Our team of professionals are strictly professional and abide by the work regulation policies.

Our journal maintains the strict privacy policy where the content shared will not be shared with any third parties or any companies unless necessary. The content will not be leaked out as it is under the peer review process and it violates the process of publication.